Thursday, September 25, 2008

Call me a slacker!

OK so when I set this up I was all over it...
A few months later I haven't done anything. So here is what has been going on...

In July we had both of our upstairs bathrooms gutted and remodeled. We love them and only have a few details left for them to be complete! Who knows what the next project will be.

In August Will and I went to San Fransisco for our 5 year anniversary, yes its been that long can you believe it. Feels like just yesterday we got married. Anyway, we did everything and had so much fun. It makes us realize how short life is and how we need to make sure and do the fun things often.

Will is currently working for Larry H. Miller Ford in their Internet department and he is doing awesome blossom. So if you need a vehicle give him a call 712-5994 or if you know someone who does Will pays $100 for referrals that buy.

I am currently working with Kelly Services in HR. The good news is I am quiting the end of October and going to be doing Slumber Parties full time. I have been doing this for almost five years I am so excited to devote all my working time into changing womens lives. I love this company and what I do. No more working two full time jobs for me, I am going to enjoy life even more now.

And who knows babies may be coming in the future!